General Civil Litigation

James Zito is ready to assist you in any business civil litigation matters, whether simple or complex. He has experience handling disputes in areas such as construction, real estate, fraud, breach of contract, promissory notes, subrogation, business torts, covenants not to compete, broker commissions, business collections as well as other business and personal disputes. Mr. Zito understands that lawsuits can affect a business not only upon conclusion, but during the process as well. He works hard to ensure that your case is brought to a resolution in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Mr. Zito is experienced in providing favorable results through various avenues such as pre-suit settlement, mediation, arbitration and trial. In all cases he strives to keep you thoroughly informed and actively involved throughout the process of civil litigation. We invite you to contact our offices today at (225) 201-0520 to schedule a consultation.