Child Custody

James Zito understands how important it is to you to protect the relationship you share with your child, especially in tumultuous times such as divorce. Our Baton Rouge law firm has represents mothers and fathers in all custody matters.

Protecting Your Relationship With Your Child Through Custody Arrangements
Louisiana courts tend to favor arrangements that involve joint custody, often with one parent awarded primary physical custody and the other parent awarded visitation/parenting time and typically ordered to pay child support.

The Louisiana Family Laws are used by the court to determine child custody arrangements. Depending on certain factors, including (but not exclusive of) both parents’ finances, ages of children, health, etc., legal rights and responsibilities will be determined for both parents, including:

  • Where the child will live the majority of the time (primary residential/physical custody)
  • Making decisions regarding education, medical care, religion (legal custody)

In many cases, parents share the above responsibilities. Mr. Zito understands the legal and emotional challenges you face. We are determined to help you accurately present your case as well as your unique circumstances to ensure that your custody arrangement reflects the best interests of your child as well as your own.

Modifying Your Child Custody Order
Mr. Zito represents mothers and fathers who are seeking to modify their child custody orders, as well as those who oppose modifications.

Child custody arrangements can be modified, but only when it is deemed necessary by the court due to a significant change in circumstances that are in the best interest of your child. Those changes typically involve growing children, employment, health and marriage status, as well as relocation. Mr. Zito will help you present your case in court to ensure your circumstances are fully considered.

Unfortunately, informal custody agreements cannot be enforced through the court. If you and your child’s other parent made a decision to deviate from your court order so that you were able to spend more time with your child, you would not have enforceable rights in court for that additional time.

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